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Presentations, Workshops, and Retreats

I have had the privilege of presenting educational and therapeutic programs locally, provincially and internationally. Below is a list of past presentations and workshops I have led. Please contact me if you are interested in attending future events or would like to book a speaking engagement or workshop.  Custom workshops and presentations are available.



  • Art Therapy and the Field of Mental Health – Hope Centre, Lions Gate Hospital

  • Open Studios: A Case Study – International Conference on Education – Hawaii

  • The Goals of Misbehaviour – Parenting Workshop

  • Anxiety: How to Speak to Your Anxious Child – Parenting Workshop

  • It’s a Bear! Understanding the Body’s Stress Response & Ways to Cope



  •  Emotional Regulation through Art

  •  Exploring Addiction through Art Therapy

  •  The Importance of Play (parenting workshop)

  • Youth Photovoice (empowerment workshop)

  • Self Care for the Caregiver

  • Hands Mural (Community development workshop)

  • Cows Can Be Purple (Adlerian Art Therapy workshop)

  • Webs of Connection (Community capacity building workshop)

  • Healing Hands: Preventing Compassion Fatigue (employee

      workshop Family Services of the North Shore)

  • Men’s Group: Moving Forward (12 week program for depression)


  •  The Youth Leadership Retreat

  •  Envision: Setting Intentions for a Better You

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