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Art therapy

Art is the Window to the Soul


I have a deep belief that creativity lies within each of us. It is often this creativity that allows us to problem solve, process emotion and think of innovate ideas to help us heal and move forward in our lives. Art Therapy can open us up to an intuitive connection to our deeper selves that often cannot be accessed through other forms of communication. It is an expressive therapy that allows people to connect, process, explore and heal through creativity.


A Picture Says A Thousand Words


From the early humans, people have expressed and processed life through creative images, movement, and play. Art Therapy creates a safe space to explore personal struggles by allowing internal memories, emotions and challenges to be processed through visual form.


Art Therapy can be beneficial for those that struggle to communicate their experiences verbally. It can be used as a form of self-expression, mindfulness and relaxation. Mediums such as painting, movement, play, writing, collage, nature or photography may be used.


Whether you are a child who is unable to verbalize anxiety or an adult struggling to find meaning, everyone can participate in art therapy. No artistic skill or experience with creative materials is required. Art therapy is used in my practice based on the comfort and desire of the client.


When language falls short, image steps in, uncovering profound truths and inner wisdom. 

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